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in the summertime

…is a brill song by Mungo Jerry – featuring Ray Dorset and his amazing sideburns. I always wondered why some (admittedly dimbulb, blonde girls) slathered themselves in baby oil, when smart folks like moi knew that coconut oil or reef oil was so much better. None of your anglo rubbish…Was no such thing as sunscreen when I was a kid. Unless your Mum made you wear zinc cream on your nose, or you were some albino redhead, it was all about getting out there in the sun. Everyone was either nutbrown, or totally white back then – or so it seemed.

I still love the coconut oil, although my newest faves are A’kin’s lavender-geranium body moist and Dr Hauschka’s lemon body moisturiser. I’m nudging 35, but have no intention of looking like a leather suitcase, or (shudder) a tanorexic. Any time soon…Lock in that moisture, keep hydrated, and you too can have younger looking skin! Eating organically and getting out in in the fresh air does wonders too.

Here’s an ad for baby oil, hot from the pages of Woman’s Day (December 16, 1974).


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2 responses to “in the summertime

  1. kymbo ⋅

    no crap my mum still has the same bottle from the 70’s! Come to think of it, looking at the bottle they haven’t really gone about much changes or upgrading when it comes to bottle or logo design.

    Think it’s still the same to this day!! Dear oh dear!

  2. kymbo: wouldn’t be so sure of the contents efficacy if bottle dates from the 70’s…don’t think many sun products have changed their stylin much since the 70s or 80s – think banana boat, le tan, reef oil?

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