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hot hot heat

A very nice day indeed! Hanging out on the pedestrian bridge in my lunch break, getting some rays…Made me think of some lyrics by the Flaming Lips. “There she was, just walkin down the street, smoking with her hands, and walking with her feet…keeping her paint cans underneath the seat, keepin her hair dryer on her favourite piece of meat”. Click here for gorgeous myspace jukebox action…

Then I came home, many hours later, and found these. You won’t see me doing this at home – I’m a proud shorthair these days! My hairdresser is, of course, allowed to blow-dry every four weeks, when I swing by for a cut and colour…



Pics proudly brought to you by Australian Women’s Weekly 16/5/73, and Woman’s Day 16/12/74.


About Vetti

I love good coffee, street art, tiki bars and kitsch. Adore roller derby and quiffs and vintage Hawaiian shirts. Enjoy a slice of my northside life!

4 responses to “hot hot heat

  1. eroica

    i found that bridge to be a very unsatisfying spot for catching rays. maybe it’s better at this time of year!
    the rays are plentiful out this way, much more a case of finding a spot where one can avoid them.
    36 degrees yesterday… ouch.

  2. eroica

    ps. i *heart* the flaming lips

  3. kj ⋅

    I’d forgotten about those hair dryers, with the brush attachment. Dad had one, with a whole set of attachments, like a vacuum cleaner set. He had really curly hair which he painstakingly blow dried straight every morning so he could have one of those neat, side part business hair styles. One of my favourite photos of him is at the beach, after a swim; his natural curl has bounced up again, untamed. How I love curly hair. xx

  4. eroica: it’s way better @ this time of year

    and yes, i do too

    kj: i love curly hair too – and am capable of it myself. don’t think i’ll ever do long hair again though…

    have found more hairdryer pics, which i’ll post for you tomorrow – including the very blokey “max for men” dryer/styler!

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