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baby it’s cold outside

I’m not feeling the full 100% tonight, so Joffa walked round to Westgarth for Indian takeaway. We’ve just feasted on mushroom dahl and chicken korma, served over nutty brown rice, and I can already sense it doing me good. Well, that, the hot bath, the central heating, the glass of red in my hand, you get the idea. Anyhow, as I haven’t been posting many pics lately, thought you might enjoy these ( House and Garden, June 1961 ). The product names are top notch too: Rayflow, Speedie, Warmbrite, Flor-Ray, Oil-O-Matic…



According to the shiny magazines ( House and Garden, May 1963 ), heating your house has never been simpler. The author of this article would be suprised to learn that we are not heating our homes with nuclear power, and that kerosene, coke and briquette heaters are a rarity these days. We don’t use our system much, and the thermostat is usually set around 16 degrees. Stay warm the modern way…all through your home, all through the winter.

Favourite winter warmers ( in no particular order ):

* Joffa
* a bowl of soup, curry, risotto or similar for dinner
* sitting on the couch under a wool blanket
* red wine, port, bourbon, or scotch
* wearing a jumper and Birko-felt clogs indoors
* dark chocolate
* an open fire or combustion stove
* coffee in a Duralex beaker
* a pot of tea, and a friend to share it with
* reading a book in the bath

Send your hints for better and gracious living to moi.


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I love good coffee, street art, tiki bars and kitsch. Adore roller derby and quiffs and vintage Hawaiian shirts. Enjoy a slice of my northside life!

3 responses to “baby it’s cold outside

  1. Two warm dogs curled up next to me on a sofa and chocolate. I know you said that, but it’s worth mentioning twice.

  2. eroica

    macbook. very warm on the legs.

  3. Tapophile: the dogs are a super idea – just keep them away from your chocolate…

    eroica: fantastic! i have a cordless keyboard on my lap to type this. it doesn’t emit heat, but the cup of tea in my other hand is doing quite nicely.

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