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the teas that please are ceylonese

My family hails from Ceylon (now called Sri Lanka), and, if you go back further again, to Ireland, France, Germany, Portugal, and Holland. Some of them worked in the tea industry, as plantation overseers, payroll officers, and marketing department staff. This ad appeared in an old Sun-News Pictorial supplement my sister gave me. Dated 21 June, 1966, it suggests that any chick who really wants to keep her man sweet will serve him Ceylonese tea. The Ceylon Tea Centre used to be in Block Court, on Collins Street, Melbourne. I wonder who is in their buillding now?


Are you hip to the quality? The Chinese and Japanese make great beverages, India is amazing, but my money’s on Ceylon…


About Vetti

I love good coffee, street art, tiki bars and kitsch. Adore roller derby and quiffs and vintage Hawaiian shirts. Enjoy a slice of my northside life!

7 responses to “the teas that please are ceylonese

  1. Squozen

    I always wondered where you were from but it seems so wrong to ask these days.. damn political correctness. I just slotted you into the ‘not a pasty-skinned Anglo-Saxon’ box in my head.

  2. Well, there’s still a lot of European in my heritage – Mum’s folks were part of the Dutch East India Company in Sri Lanka from the 1600s, and decided to come here once independence was declared. As this was during the White Australia Policy days, they had to show genealogical proof that they were white enough to live here. I have some of those documents in front of me now…

    On the other side, the ancestors can be traced back to Fermanagh, a county in Northern Ireland. There are also links to France somehow. Both sides of the family were in SL for quite a long time…So now you know! I wouldn’t have been offended if you had asked 🙂

  3. Michelle ⋅

    i’m glad i’m not the only one that gets asked those questions!!

  4. Paul

    “I wonder who is in their buillding now?”

    The Melbourne Headshot Company, according to Google…

    That says 290 Collins, but this picture of the Ceylon Tea Centre — — says that that was at 288. Google THAT, and it seems the be the headquarters of Sunglass Hut. Hmm.

  5. Michelle: yeh well, I don’t se it stopping any time soon

    Paul: brilliant and yet mysterious. Thanks!

  6. bookjunkie ⋅

    my grandparents came from there too 🙂 love the alliteration in your title. I can’t live without coffee, tea or chilli either!

  7. bookjunkie: my parents and grandparents are Ceylonese, and, like you, I can’t imagine life without coffee, tea, or chilli. Or scotch, or a bunch of freshly ground spices for that matter…

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