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go on – get yer knits out!

These patterns all knit up easily while you are watching tv – ideal for the modern miss! I can’t help wondering what the models are saying…


She: “Why did we get the classic v-necks? Look at what Toby and Janet are wearing!”
He: “Just keep smiling lovey, we can beat up the stylist later”‘


He: “If we drop enough ash, maybe we can melt these jumpers and escape?”


She: “Apples? WTF?”


She: “It’s ok Bob, I’ve got a quik-unpik hidden here somewhere”

If you can think of some better captions (and that wouldn’t be hard, honestly), leave me a comment.

About Vetti

I love good coffee, street art, tiki bars and kitsch. Adore roller derby and quiffs and vintage Hawaiian shirts. Enjoy a slice of my northside life!

5 responses to “go on – get yer knits out!

  1. gruntski ⋅

    Pic # 1- (her) That guy over there has the smallest weiner I have ever seen- I’m stuck between feeling humour or pity…
    (him) I wonder if I can take a photo to make me feel better…

    Pic # 2- (her) If you light that up in front of me, you are going to wear this cup of tea!
    (him) you reckon???

    Pic # 3 (him) Let me show you this trick I can do with two apples
    (her) I’ve seen it before, Roger, and if you try it again….

    Pic # 4 (him) did you see that guy off-camera in pic # 1?
    (her) That’s my cousin, dammit (Oh dear- poor fellow)

  2. gruntski:
    #1 he would be interested, I’m sure…
    #2 you’d be suprised how many male knitwear models smoked, or at least posed by a car. Something to do with appearing manly despite naff wardrobe choices?
    #3 she’d have to sew them on first?
    stay tuned, will post something just for you tomorrow!

  3. crumpet

    My favourite thing about the third on is that the jumpers are knit in nylon… mmm… sweaty…

  4. crumpet

    “one”, not “on”…

  5. crumpet: these patterns knit up in hi-tech yarns, which have a Patonised shrink-resistant finish. Such camp names! Nylette, lustrelle, patonyle, bouclon, patons jet, sparkle…and yes, so much nylon 😉

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