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ideal jelly foam

I’ve always liked putting groceries away. I remember looking at the odd recipes on the sides of food packages, wondering who would make them, and if they tasted better than they sounded. Even as a kid, I doubted. The Sun supplement (21/6/66) I’m reading says “don’t be frightened of making use of any of the latest out-of-the-can, out-of-the-packet products now available to help the busy housewife.” I have no issue with packaged food per se, but don’t hold it in very high esteem. Obviously you may put a can of tomatoes in the pan if you have no fresh, or a jar of curry paste in your laksa if there’s no time to make your own, but isn’t it somehow naff to cook using mostly pre-fab ingredients? I bought a cute looking (1954) Betty Crocker cookbook recently, and was astounded to read how few fresh ingredients were used alongside the factory-made. Here’s the blurb on the back cover.”…an entirely new kind of cookbook, attractive and easy to use, that takes into account all the frozen, canned, and ready-mixed foods, that speed up and simplify cooking today. If you like to cook, but have little time…”


This dessert, for instance. Contains tinned evaporated milk, jelly crystals, and water…


My sister gave me this recipe card, in a pile of stuff from her hubby’s grandmother’s kitchen. I have no idea if she ever prepared it or not. if you’d like to have a go, here’s the magic formula:

*Chill a tin of full cream evaporated milk (1 cup size) overnight. Dissolve 1 packet of jelly crystals in 1 cup of boiling water. When jelly is cool but not set, pour milk into mixing bowl, and whip until thick. Add jelly and beat again. Pour into mould or dish and set in refrigerator.

Somehow, I’m not convinced…


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6 responses to “ideal jelly foam

  1. I’ve eaten jelly foam – not my favourite thing but the kids loved it. Portuguese friends of mine prepare it regularly as a children’s dessert.

  2. My gran used to make flummery – it was super-sweet, with loads of fruit pieces inside.

  3. Michelle ⋅

    Didn’t Mum used to make this and call it jelly whip? She made it with stewed apple somehow I think…

  4. You’re absolutely right! It had home bottled fruit /puree stirred through before the jelly part was set, or added to gelatine. I am recalling vague memories of helping make this 🙂

  5. flerdle ⋅

    I’ve had the jelly foam stuff. No idea where…

  6. probably some half-forgoten childhood incident of eating weird food…I have many of these!

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