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love at first bite

I normally speed-read the Good Weekend magazine, and don’t find much in it to get excited about. Last issue had a great article by Fenella Souter, called a voyage round my kitchen. She makes the following points:

* everyone has the time to make and bake, but, as the bishop said to the actress, you also need the inclination

* there seem to be two types of person: those who merely consume food, and those who enjoy being connected to preparing and sharing food

* cooking is not “a lifestyle”, but a vital part of life and love

* shared food preparation makes for happy, well-fed couples…two people who like to cook and eat, creating everyday masterpieces out of nothing more than fresh ingredients, a little time, and the desire to please

I am glad to say that Joffa et moi are firm believers in all of the above, and look forward to our shared time in the kitchen each day. We also go to the market together, and nurture a small kitchen garden. Swapping plants/recipes/home produce, making someone you love a jar of something, and cooking with close friends give me great pleasure – I couldn’t imagine living any other way.

Ciao for now, it’s a sunny day, and I must go out…


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6 responses to “love at first bite

  1. bookboy

    I must confess to being one of those people who merely consumes food. I do cook, in fact I do most of the cooking in our house, but I always prefer to eat food that has been prepared by someone else. Terrible, I know.

    Mind you, I also happen to prefer reading books that were written by someone else. But that’s different I guess.

  2. Odd that you do a lot of cooking, but prefer to eat someone else’s food – at least we are both cooking and reading. Who was the “famous” person who said she would never read a book she hadn’t written herself? Whatever works for you, I guess…

  3. bookboy

    Neither of us really enjoys cooking, but it has to be done. I do like the concept of homemade meals using fresh, local, in-season produce. It’s just that actually cooking it doesn’t really appeal. This may be partly because I have never really learned how to cook well & always just stumbled along.

  4. At least the concept appeals, and you are having a go. Much better than the scary folks I saw at the checkout today: 14 frozen dinners and a heap of cola…

  5. gruntski ⋅

    What were you doing in Yass watching me shop? And why didn’t you say hello? 😉

  6. don’t worry gruntski, your secret’s safe with moi 😉

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