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all my friends are getting married…

Actually, that began YEARS ago. And now some have kids, which amazes me. Anyhoo, we went to Ashley and Natacha’s wedding this afternoon, and it was lovely. Everybody looked gorgeous, and the youngest member of the party rolled up the aisle in a red pedal car, which matched the frocks. Tres swank…But not as sweet as the wedding wheels:a burgundy and cream omnibus!

We’re off to their reception in a few hours. Can anyone tell me why when a wedding is planned, a schedule featuring an afternoon ceremony, then a reception hours later on the other side of town seems logical? Just wondering…I have planned (and attended) a fair few weddings, but none of them did this. Any experts out there who can enlighten me?

More wedding shenannigans to follow, as we’ll be going to Mia and m1k3y’s wedding on the 24th. I have been told there is more than a touch of the Peter Pan about moi, and can feel it strongly today. As my nearest and dearest begin to grey, tie the knot, and have babies, I enjoy sharing these changes with them, but can’t imagine doing any of it myself. Admittedly Joffa et moi have been together well over 10 years, and are paying off our Northcote mortgage, but I don’t feel the need for anything more. Love is enough.

I’d be interested to hear some other opinions on this. If it’s not too much to ask, pour yourself a tall glass of something, get comfortable, and leave a comment. Cheers!


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I love good coffee, street art, tiki bars and kitsch. Adore roller derby and quiffs and vintage Hawaiian shirts. Enjoy a slice of my northside life!

3 responses to “all my friends are getting married…

  1. gruntski ⋅

    Cheers, Cheers, and I have beers!!!

    Love needs no acknowledgment- nor any approval- by others. Love knows no limits, no boundaries, nor any limitations.

    Love should be accepted as the truth between two people, who respect, accept and believe in each other. There is no middle ground. You can’t trust someone 98% of the time- you cant’ believe that someone loves you 98 % of the time.

    Love is what life is. I wish you the joy of finding true love, because everything else is child support.

    Trust me; I know.

    And don’t think I am “dissing” my children. If it weren’t for my kids, I’d be like number one.

    And One is the loneliest number that you ever knew.

    My kids love me to bits, and I love them even more.

    Love, and belief in that love, is all that matters.

    You fucken rock. And so does Joffa. And Giz, and Kym, and anyone else you deem worthy.

    Forgive my expletive expression- it’s a Yass Normality thing, I think.

    I’m goin’ outside to roll in some horse shit…

    smells better than some politicians I know…

    And Ladies and Gents- Santo Santoro has quit!!! You know, if you took five letters of the above name, and played with them a while, they’d spell “SATAN”???

    They’d also spell “Santa” Or “Tonto’s”. Go Figure.

  2. gruntski ⋅

    Ooops- I almost forgot- best wishes for the newly married couple. Congratumalations.

  3. gruntski – loving your comments! i am head over heels in love, and don’t give a damn whether anyone else approves of the way i live my life. you also rock, and i hope one day soon you will find someone who wants to rock with you. love, vetti x

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