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are you free, mr. humphries?

Just read that John Inman is no longer with us. Ours was a British comedy-watching household, and I spent hours in front of the telly watching Are You Being Served? , revelling in the antics of a very odd bunch of sales staff. Sure the plots were thin and double-entendre loaded, but what’s not to like? Camp, witty, and ever so slightly racy – and Mrs. Slocombe’s hair colours? Fabulous…

Apparently Mr. Humphries was to be a seedy salesman, but when John Inman strolled in, the part was hastily revised. He was told to camp it up, and the rest is history.

I’ll miss you John Inman, it’s sad to know Mr. Humphries has measured his last inside leg, and that you’ll never flounce across another panto stage. Though I’m sure wherever you are, you’re making people laugh. For more, click here.

Really want to get those AYBS? DVDs now…


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