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professor peach, in the lounge with…

For those who came in late, you missed seeing The Italian Job at Backyard Cinerama 2 last night. We sat under the stars with bats flying overhead, which is always good. And the show? Excellent!

You never really find out what Profesor Peach did to Annette in the lounge, although Miss Peach does reveal it was “obscene”. Mind you, this is the same lady who disproves of her cats sitting on gentlemen’s laps “I shouldn’t let her do that, dear. Gives them ideas.”

I love this film. It shows Swinging London as a brightly coloured bubble, in which crims are upper class chaps, fond of tailoring and a good scam. Michael Caine apparently went on to make Get Carter, to show the 60’s gangster as he REALLY was. TIJ is as English as a cup of tea, the getaway minis are painted red, white, and blue, and Mr. Bridger’s room is wallpapered with pictures of Her Maj.

The Turin traffic control computers are just gorgeous, as the film was made “back when technology was sexy” – to quote one of our film buffs. The same could be said for the awesome gold security van, and the use of film reels to relay information to Croker and Mr. Bridger. Also wondrous is Camp Freddie, the pink-jacketed gang controller. Add to this the car chases, a Quincy Jones soundtrack, top stunts, and a solid cast – and you have a seriously Cool Britannia film. Rating: 5 stars.


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