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the birthday that smiles back

Big hugs and kisses to everyone who helped celebrate my 34th on Saturday. I feel very loved, and totally spoiled. You folks are The Business!


Extra-large servings of thank-you with sprinkles on top going out to:

Joffa – for setting up projection and sound for backyard cinerama, and making all the ice-cream
Kymbo and Giz – for the popcorn popper and lolly bag memories
Squid – the token four-footed guest, for eating all our dropped ice-cream
The nice lady at Readings Carlton – for holding the last copy of A Hard Day’s Night for me
Melbourne weather – for not raining on the proceedings


Those of you who couldn’t make it, don’t fret. We have big plans to keep screenings happening on a semi-regular basis, and will run loungeroom cinerama when it’s too cold outside. If you want to join the contact list for updates, or suggest films, leave me a comment. We didn’t get round to showing The Italian Job (1969), so this will be on-screen soonish.

For all you magazine buffs out there, today’s pics come from my growing pile of Australian House And Garden. Party with Villaboard from September 1971, and The Festive Look from December 1969.


About Vetti

I love good coffee, street art, tiki bars and kitsch. Adore roller derby and quiffs and vintage Hawaiian shirts. Enjoy a slice of my northside life!

4 responses to “the birthday that smiles back

  1. Kate

    Thanks for having us! I was going to ask if we could invite ourselves around for movie nites again in future. Great little set-up you have there. Thanks too for having the four-footed one around – she does like a party.

  2. Great you could all come! We borrowed the projector, and plugged it into our stereo and Joffa’s laptop. Isn’t technology wonderful? It does help that I got outdoor speakers for my b’day last year…Will be in touch with screening info. Let me know if you have dvds to screen/ideas for a theme night/want to see a particular film

  3. m1k3y

    Sorry we had to bail so early!
    Enjoyed what I saw though.. much funnier than I remembered.

    You know in the alternate universe of Warren Elli’s newuniversal it was Paul McCartney that was killed.. and Lennon lived on. I wonder what that place is like?

    Glad to hear The Italian Job is still on the cards though.. we’ll be there for that!

  4. No worries – I love this film, and find something new in it each time.

    Now that would be an interesting universe – can’t see Lennon doing The Girl Is Mine with Wacko Jacko…What would he have done instead? And with whom?

    Will let you know when IJ is on 🙂

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