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This bed was the main attraction of a 1958 furniture expo in London. Constructed of 200 year old English ash, with bedhead and panelling of rosewood from Rio, and cupboards of grey-dyed sycamore, it cost 2500 pounds. A huge amount for the 1950s – but it represented The Future Of Bedroom Decor I guess. Here are some of its features:

* full width bench at foot of bed – includes padded velvet seating, portable tv, and two lift-out trays for in-bed dining
* elegant blanket made from champagne mink and French velvet
* twin springwall mattresses, with individual hydramatic controls for position and temperature
* push-button controls ( hidden in drawer on each side of bed ) for opening/closing bedroom curtains, room lights, mattress adjustment, tv operation, and communication to all rooms of house via intercom
* his and hers side fitments each including built-in radio, bookshelves, and drop-down panels that form bedside tables
* his and hers velvet-lined drawers to hold “her” jewellery and “his” electric shaver
* her side also contains an automatic tea-maker, which rings gently when it is ready to pour, his side has a dictaphone/tape recorder
* dimensions: bedhead 10′ wide, bed 6′ wide and 9′ long (overall)

Profiled in The New Idea, 26/8/59

What do you think? Can’t say I like the idea of Joffa shaving in bed, and the mink/velvet blanket concept revolts me. It’s raining gently outside, time for me to say goodnight and slide into our Woolstore king-size bed (recycled jarrah, if you must know). Once the cricket’s finished, of course…

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2 responses to “snooze-o-rama

  1. crumpet

    Ooh. I like that Woolstore link. (And not just because it’s called Woolstore!) We’ve got a sucky hand-me-down bed at the moment, that we replaced our beautiful futon with — Mr C’s mum was getting rid of it because she bought a new bed, and we mistakenly thought it would be better than what we had…

  2. Fancy you noticing that šŸ™‚
    They’re lovely folks, and the quality is gorgeous.

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