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London swings

When I woke up this morning, I remembered just one image from my dream: standing in a night-time street, where lights glow and leaves swirl. When I put Cosmetropolis by The Guild League on the stereo, it all came back. If you’d like to hear some of Tali’s magic sounds, click here.

London is in a mellow mood…Especially at dusk during summer and autumn. The typists and the stockbrokers depart, shiny limousines purr along the Mall, yellowing leaves flutter down from park and kerbside trees and the lights twinkle on all over the great metropolis. Strolling behind Big Ben, I can see the Houses of Parliament. In the foreground, laced by Thames-side lights, is the Royal Air Force Memorial. But who waits there??

I read an article about Shag yesterday. I love the way his paintings show the middle of a story, and half the fun is wondering how the characters got to where they are, and then if it matters anyway. Mia and m1k3y gave us one of his books for Christmas a few years back. Its called “Around the World in 80 Drinks”. As well as Shag’s amazing illustrations, it’s full of swell recipes by Adam Rocke, one of the best tiki-bar mixologists still living. Here’s his recipe for a Big Ben:

– take 1 oz / 1 pony each of gin, vodka, and light rum
– pour over ice into a Collins glass
– top up with ginger ale, stir
– garnish with a cherry

For all of you seasoned traveller types out there, please don’t write in to tell me “you can’t possibly see that from there”. I’ve never been to London, so the dream is probably a mix of coffee table book/slideshow/pulp fiction novel/whatever my subconsious contains these days. If London isn’t really your thing, don’t worry. Shag’s book will also take you to:

Zermatt …think euro-swiss chalets
Cairo …Isis on ice
Tokyo …saketinis
Munich …Dusseldorf streudel
Beijing …peeking man
Moscow …for soviet summer
Tahiti …don’t miss the special!
Rio …killer caipirinhas
Paris …Eiffel tower
New York …the Empire State


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I love good coffee, street art, tiki bars and kitsch. Adore roller derby and quiffs and vintage Hawaiian shirts. Enjoy a slice of my northside life!

2 responses to “London swings

  1. m1k3y

    Well, sounds like you’ve sure got some use from that book… you’ll have to make us a cocktail next time we’re over!

  2. mister – you’ve got yourself a deal…

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