exxopolis luminarium at glow festival

Exxopolis is an inflatable immersive sculpture made by Architects of Air. The combination of tunnels, caverns, domes, luminous coloured lights and sound are well worth the $15 entry fee. Situated in the Jam Factory rooftop carpark as part of Glow Festival 2014, open for day and evening enjoyment. Here’s some pics from my visit last night…

exxopolis luminarium : deep blue

exxopolis luminarium : red doorway

exxopolis luminarium : tranquil labyrinth

exxopolis luminarium : red glow

exxopolis luminarium : green shadows

exxopolis luminarium : awestruck

Thank you MIFF 2014 for screening trippy 70s cult film Phase IV – AND the legendary lost ending sequence! This sci fi pic has so much going on…Hyper-intelligent, mega evolved desert ants battling humans in the Arizona desert, seriously intense (with a touch of creepy) scientist action, crop circles and sinister geometric ant hills. Add in delirium, brightly coloured poisons, a geodesic dome and some seriously one dimensional characters. The lost ending is a gorgeously surreal look into the ant-controlled future. With ziggurats. Phase IV is the only feature-length film directed by Saul Bass, and well worth watching.

still waiting impatiently for the new murakami

OK, getting pissed off now. On Tuesday morning TITLE emails to say my (pre-ordered in July) copy of Colorless Tsukuru Tazaki and His Years of Pilgrimage has been shipped. It’s now almost lunch time Thursday. No package. Tuesday night I saw it on the shelf at Horton’s in Smith Street. Could have just sauntered by, bought the damn thing and probably half read it by now. Re-visiting the email I could be looking at 3-5 days for delivery! And its only coming from Sydney FFS! Could have saved myself $10 freight and just gone to TITLE Fitzroy, as they have it in stock. Long awaited new novel? pre-order to avoid disappointment? Oh the irony…

I’ll freely admit to being mostly unaware of what Joss Whedon is up to, but when someone who I watch a lot of films with tells me this will be good, I pay attention. So…Much Ado About Nothing, by Joss Whedon.

Let’s begin by saying this is nothing like the 1993 Kenneth Branagh version. No megastars, no period costumes, no vivid colours, no Tuscan locations. It is black and white, filmed in Whedon’s own house, and feels quite glamorous, in a Mad Men meets 30s Hollywood kind of way. A tough dame (Amy Acker as Beatrice), a funny, awkward guy (Alexis Denisof as Benedick), an over the top, swaggeringly incompetent cop (Nathan Fillion as Dogberry) and a lot of plotting, scheming and alcohol. It is beautifully shot, made me laugh, and well worth watching if you haven’t already. I have no idea why Claudio was in the pool with a scuba mask and a martini, but am so fine with that. Thanks M for another great loungeroom screening, and the Lapsang Souchong cocktail…

bamboos reunion @ bar 303

Swing by 303 for some great funk and soul, brought to you by Bamboos members past and present. The lineup will include Dan Farrugia on drums, Mick Meagher (from the PutBacks) on bass, Ben Grayson on keys and Lance Ferguson on guitar. This Thursday night from 8:30. Don’t forget to wish Dan a happy 30th birthday!