barek : tales from the sketchbook @ off the kerb gallery

Journey into Barek’s sketchbook in his first ever Melbourne solo show. Lose yourself in the arctic tundra, mysterious undersea forests and the realms of magic, home to the Sorceress, the Kelp Maiden and the Huntress. Breathtaking works across a huge range of media – paint, found objects, charcoal, posca, gold leaf, acrylic, molotow, pastel and aerosol. Find Tales from the Sketchbook upstairs at Off The Kerb Gallery until October 31.

barek window : tales from the sketchbook @ OTK

Barek & Cherie Strong : Spirit Summons

Barek : Kelp Maiden

Barek : Fox Spirit Mask

Barek : Mountain Mover Floating Island

barek comes to melbourne

Barek arrives in Melbourne today, so watch out for lots of fresh pasteups! Here’s a sneak peek at just some of the things that he’s prepared for the trip. The beautiful lady with wallpaper hair is by Cherie Strong, who Barek has done some stunning collab pieces with. His solo show at Off The Kerb will be amazing – swing by the opening on Friday, October 17.

barek and cherie strong pasteups